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Please see the following list to get an idea of some of the items we accept for recycling.  If it is not listed, don't worry - We can recycle any and all electronics! Call to inquire about specific items if you have additional questions.

  • Flatscreens  - drop off only
  • Projectors
  • DVD/Blu-ray
  • VCRs
  • Cable boxes
  • Digital Tuners & Converters
  • Home Theater Systems & Soundbars
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Netbooks
  • All-in-One Computers
  • Servers and racks
  • Flat screen computer monitors
  • Modems/Routers/Hubs
  • Hard Drives
  • CD/DVD Drives
  • Power supplies
  • Mother boards and all circuit boards
  • Memory
  • Sound/Video Cards
  • Printers/Scanners/Fax
  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablets
  • Office phones
  • Audio video equipment
  • Cameras and camcorders
  • Gaming systems, controllers
  • Cables, connectors, and wire
  • Batteries internally housed in equipment will be accepted
  • Loose batteries - fees may apply, please call to inquire
  • Any metal products
  • CRTs (cathode ray tubes).
  • Paper, magazines, books.
  • Any fossil fuel or materials used in collecting fossil fuels.
  • Any infectious or biological wastes or equipment that contained them.
  • Any media contaminated with oil.
  • Any liquid.
  • Any chemicals, oils, or powders.
  • Any equipment that contains chemicals of any kind.
  • Any equipment that contains asbestos.
  • Any equipment that contains radioactive components.
  • Any equipment that contains Freon. If Freon is removed prior to arrival at facility, a Certificate of Removal must be fixed to unit.
  • Luminaries (light bulbs) are not accepted.
  • Pressurized tanks.
  • Any material containing PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls), e.g. large commercial capacitors and transformers or lamp ballasts.
  • Any materials that would adversely impact our operations or result in environmental or health problems.
  • We are happy to be helpful - Please feel free to inquire about any of the above items for other possible outlets


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