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Bluesky Solutions understands that electronics recycling and equipment liquidation are an important step in minimizing costs of replacing your hardware. Swift changes in computer and wireless technologies have led to a shorter life span on today’s electronics and the pace of development of replacement technology is only accelerating.

For your business to run as efficiently as possible, you must be able to successfully incorporate new and emerging technology while having a strategic partner to securely and properly dispose of your out-of-date equipment – that’s where we come in. 

Our process allows the customer to be totally hands off and have full confidence their material is being properly processed, recycled, and managed.

We offer both Enterprise Account Management or Free Recycling Services.  Call today to inquire about which service best fits your organization, and allow us to help you responsibly and safely recycling all of your end-of-life electronics and IT equipment.  Click here to see Items We Accept.

Items We Accept